The Chololo Ecovillage, located in Dodoma region of central Tanzania, is a model of good practice in Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation. The project will support has supported and empowered the village community to test, evaluate and take up climate change adaptation technologies in agriculture, livestock, water, energy, and natural resources. Learn more about the Chololo Ecovillage here.

Chololo Shorts: Water A one-minute trip through the Water innovations in Chololo Ecovillage.
Chololo shorts: Agriculture Chololo farmer, Mr Chifaguzi, gives a 3 minute guide to climate smart agriculture in Chololo Ecovillage.
Chololo Shorts: Livestock 3.5 mins on livestock in Chololo Ecovillage: bulls, goats, chickens and fish.
Mama Chifaguzi's energy-saving stove Mama Chifaguzi explains the benefits of her energy saving stove in Chololo Ecovillage.
Chololo Shorts: Leather Making 18 yr old Anna Malongo explains how making leather products has made a difference in Chololo Ecovillage
Intercrop A Chololo farmer explains how intercropping has benefitted her family.