Weekly News Bulletin - Opportunity for Women Champions 26/02/16

This week we introduce the "Malkia Wa Nguvu" award, an opportunity for women organic farmers to gain recognition, and we celebrate the success of organic coffee growers under the Kagera Cooperative Union...


“MALKIA WA NGUVU” is a campaign started by Clouds media, with the aim of recognizing and celebrating courageous, hard working women in Tanzania. It is a great opportunity for our women organic farmers to be recognized and to change their own economic status as well as that of the communities that surround them.

This campaign aims at helping women to understand how important innovation and creativity are in any activity. it is a platform for our organic farmers to showcase their products, knowledge and skills. There will be an exhibition with a training on capacity building to expand skills on organic agriculture, covering topics from branding of products to market strategies.

It is a great opportunity for our organic farmers to do the following:

  • Showcase their organic agriculture products.
  • Receive training on innovative organic agriculture, creativity and standards from an organic agriculture expert
  • Broaden organic farmers’ networks
  • Increase knowledge and expand skills in the organic market.

The campaign lasts for 20 days, with on-air (TV & Radio) exhibitions and ground exhibitions involving more than 100 women entrepreneurs in which no less than 2500 people are expected to attend. The winner will be awarded by being recognized and receive an official award from the organizers as well as getting an opportunity to expand her activities. Lets share and encourage our members, women organic farmers, to use the opportunity and participate for their own benefits and increase awareness of organic agriculture.

*Those interested in this opportunity should contact TOAM Communications Officer, Anatory Gabriel at: anatorygabriel@yahoo.com



General Manager of the Kagera Cooperative Union (KCU), Mr. Vedasto Ngaiza has released figures for coffee collected under the cooperative up to January 31st this year. Despite only collecting 64.5% of the Unions target of 4,750,000 kilograms of coffee, there was something to be proud of.

The union managed to gather 663,327 kilograms of Organic coffee, worth 1,989,981,000 Tanzanian Shillings (TSh). This is equivalent to 110.5% of the target quantity of organic coffee.

KCU paid organic coffee farmers 3000TSh per kilogram as advanced payment compared with 2,300TSh paid for conventionally farmed ‘clean’ coffee and 1,100TSh/kg for conventional ‘cherry’ coffee.


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