Weekly News Bulletin - Training of Trainers:

This week's bulletin covers the training of farmer trainers in Dodoma and introduces the Tropical Fruit Congress, a summit of the world's leading experts in tropical fruit.


TOAM Successfully Managed to Conduct TOT Training on Organic Farming in Dodoma

Demand for organic produce is growing in domestic and international markets. However, farmers are not well organized and require training in order to tap the organic market niche. Agricultural Development Denmark Asia & Africa (ADDA) Tanzania is implementing a project with the objective of building the capacity of the farmers on organic farming as well as linking them with the exporting market. TOAM is the project’s implementing partner in Dodoma.

TOAM, as the national umbrella organization for promoting and coordinating the organic sector, Famers (TOT) listening attentively on the techniques and has been given the responsibility of facilitating methods of organic agriculture during the training in Dodoma. Training of Trainers (ToTs) in Dodoma as well as those of the other partners elsewhere in Tanzania.

The purpose of the training was to make sure that famers (TOTs), are equipped to train others in their respective areas. By equipping famers to train others, TOAM and ADDA can reach more farmers than they could by their own efforts.

The trainings were successful in every village, with more than 50 lead farmers (ToTs) successfully learning the basics of organic farming and facilitation skills.

Marketing Opportunity for Horticulture Farmers

The World Avocado Organization (WAO) is organizing the first Tropical Fruit Congress which will be held at the Rimini Expo Centre on 10 and 11th May 2018 in Italy. The focus of this two-day event will be on examining current trends in the market, consumption and trade, as well as scientific developments, technologies and methods of selling products that are increasingly in demand in global markets. At the congress, the spotlight will be on two products: Avocados and Mangoes. The forum will focus particular on the Italian, German and French markets.

At the summit, the world’s leading experts on these tropical fruit varieties will discuss the key themes during two round tables. Speakers will include: Xavier Equihua - CEO of WAO, Leornado Ortega -Director of Research at the University of California, and other experts from different parts of the world.

This is an opportunity for Tanzania’s organic farmers who are producing mangoes and avocados to participate and learn from the forum. The forum is also an opportunity for marketing, exchanging knowledge and learning more from different farmers participating from across the world.

For more information visit: www.macfrut.com/c/98/ tropical_fruit_congress