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Minister of agriculture Hon. Husein Bashe with strategic partners during the 2nd NEOAC in October 2021..
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EOA actors participated to promote EOA in the National agriculture week commonly known as Nanenane in Mbeya to display the services offered in the organic value chain.
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TOAM participated in the 5TH African Organic Conference in Kigali, Rwanda.
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Participants of the regional PGS workshop held in Rwanda Kigali, December 2023.
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A farmer showing casing indigenous seeds for safety and food security in Nanenane exhibitions, 2023
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The Presdent of Zanzibar Hon. Dr Hussein Mwinyi receiving the organic vegetables basket during the Farmers week in Zanzibar.
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FOATZ who is the TOAM member, promoting organic agriculture in primary schools in Morogoro.
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Who we are

Tanzania Organic Agriculture Movement (TOAM) is a membership based NGO registered on 14th May in 2005 under the NGO Act of 2002. It is a National umbrella organization that aims at providing leadership and coordination in developing and promoting the organic agriculture sector in Tanzania. Currently TOAM has about 100 members comprising of different categories including; farmers organizations (associations and cooperatives), no-government organizations (NGOs), organic operators, companies, distributors, researchers and traders.

The members are grouped into the Seven zones including; Eastern Zone, Northern Zone, Southern Zone, Western Zone, Central Zone, Coastal zone and Zanzibar


Food, nutrition & health
organic farming tanzania
Food and Seed Sovereignty
organic farming tanzania
Environment, climate change and biodiversity
organic farming tanzania
Gender & youth empowerment
organic farming tanzania
Farm productivity and profitability
organic farming tanzania
Market access and value chain development
organic farming tanzania
Campaign and advocacy


Step 1: The need to convert

Consider making a move to organic agriculture if your answer to some or all of the following questions is “yes”

Step 2: Gather information

Get well equiped with the adjustments required by talking to other organic farmers and contacting a local advisor

Step 3: Join organic farmers group

If you are in an area where there are other farmers practicing organic, joining their team will help you improve your performances through exchange learnings from the members.

Step 4: Attending Organic agriculture training/courses

As part of the organic agriculture standards requirements, organic operators should make sure they have attended training or courses offered on organic agriculture management principles and practices to make sure they are well knowledgeable of their operation

Step 5: Complete the conversion period

After deciding to start organic farming and have all the necessary information required, you can contact TOAM to visit your farm and offer the “in-conversion licence” and the conversion period immediately began

Step 6: Identify your certification body

Depending on the targeted market, it is important to identify and contact certification body for further guidence on how you need to handle your production system so that you can be qualified for the certification

Step 7: Inspection and certification

After identifying the certification body you need, you can send your application and inspection will be done as per their procedures

Our Events

2nd NEOAC in October 2021

Amazing Performances

Get ready for the most amazing performances you have ever seen. From live music to breath-taking shows that will blow your mind.


Account name: Tanzania Organic Agriculture Movement
Account number: 01J1043011900

Need help in choosing the right plants?

For additional information on our organic farming methods, upcoming events, or how you can get involved, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re here to share knowledge, support sustainable agriculture, and build a community dedicated to the principles of organic farming. Reach out to us, and let’s grow together towards a more sustainable and eco-friendly future.

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