Empowering Organic Agriculture in Tanzania

Join us in promoting sustainable farming practices and supporting farmers across Tanzania.



We provide leadership and coordination in developing the organic agriculture sector in Tanzania.



Become a member and join our network of farmers, organizations, researchers, and traders.


Nationwide Presence

With seven zones across Tanzania, we reach farmers and communities in every region.

About Us

Tanzania Organic Agriculture Movement (TOAM) is an NGO dedicated to developing and promoting organic agriculture in Tanzania.

We are motivated by the desire to empower farmers, protect the environment, and provide healthy food for all.

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Our Initiatives

Discover the impactful initiatives we implement to improve the lives of farmers and communities.


We provide training and capacity building programs to equip farmers with sustainable farming practices.


We offer organic certification services to ensure the quality and integrity of organic products.

Market Access

We connect farmers with markets to facilitate the sale and distribution of organic products.

Make a Difference

Support our mission and make a positive impact on farmers, communities, and the environment, by donating to our cause.

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Inspiring Stories

Read real stories of positive transformation brought about by organic agriculture.

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From Struggle to Success

Discover how organic farming transformed a struggling farmer’s life, bringing prosperity and sustainable livelihoods.

Building Resilient Communities

Learn how organic agriculture has empowered communities to overcome challenges and build a better future.

Join Our Community

Become a part of KilimoHai and contribute towards a sustainable and organic future.

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